5 Tips for Strong Link Building in SEO

Nicole Lorraine
5 min readDec 14, 2020

It’s no surprise that Google searches and reading online reviews are top on the list when internet users research where they want to spend their money.

For businesses just starting out though, this can be a difficult feat when you don’t have the reviews yet and aren’t at the top of the search engines. That’s where an SEO company comes in.

One way to begin building your business is through SEO link building services.

Link building is a type of digital marketing where your business URL, whether it be your homepage or another page on your site, appears on a completely separate website.

This can be done in many ways, but it is important to have a strong SEO strategy when moving forward with your link building campaign.

Below are five tips to consider when setting up a successful content marketing plan through a link building strategy.

Reputation Matters

It’s important to note the website’s own reputation when searching for a website that fits what you’re looking for.

Check over their reviews and explore what link building they have done for their own website. Are they getting those backlinks from reputable sites or spammy sites?

Although it is important to have those backlinks for your website, it is also incredibly valuable in creating that link building opportunity with a website that is trusted.

Notable Domain Authority

When searching for sites to post your link, one piece of information to look for is the website’s Domain Authority (DA). The ideal DA number is 30 or above.

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking tool that predicts how likely it is for a website to rank on a search engine results page. The higher the DA, the higher the probability that the website is ranking toward the top.

Your chances of increased traffic and someone coming across your site while browsing through another rises exponentially when you are link building with sites that have a significant DA.

Valuable Guest Posting

Another strategy in link building is posting your content on other websites relevant to your own website. There are so many sites, particularly blogs, seeking content from other writers.

A crucial way to step into the world of guest posting is to write original content on a relevant topic with value and importance to searchers.

It is necessary to note you want to do research on the websites you are looking to work with. They too should have a reasonable DA.

Your goal is to be recognized. One of the best ways is having your content posted on sites people are actively searching for.

Be Better Than The Last Post

Kind of piggy-backing off of guest posting, another strategy in link building is simply writing better content than your competitors with fresher and additional information for the reader.

The important thing to remember though is having information with genuine value.

Let’s say your business is a new high-end and affordable line of workout attire. While researching a competitor, you find a guest post they wrote about the “Top 3 Gyms in New York City.”

The best way to beat your competition is writing a piece with more information readers will value and appreciate. Then, reach out to the website who posted your competition’s article and let them know you recently wrote something with newer and additional content.

Write a piece on the “Top 10 Gyms in New York City,” or better yet, write a recurring article highlighting different neighborhoods in New York City.

Post them weekly or once a month with the first article being the “Top 5 Gyms on the Upper East Side” and the following being the “Top 5 Gyms in Brooklyn.”

Content marketing like this is ingenious. With your content, bloggers now have better content to post on their own website to help them rank, and you now have another backlink to add to your SEO campaign.

Fix a Broken Link

Another way, and possibly the least time-consuming way, is offering your own blog writings when you find a similar post that no longer exists.

It is commonplace for a posted blog to have a link that just doesn’t work. For one reason or another it sends a reader to the dreaded “This Page Does Not Exist.”

It’s possible the business closed along with their website, or it could be they recently replaced the post with new content without letting those who are back linking to the article know it is no longer there.

Businesses will be thankful you have taken the time to let them know they have a broken link on their page. It helps them with their own website value.

If your content is relevant and an asset to their site, the business you reached out to will probably replace the broken link with your active blog post.

It gives you the opportunity to use something you have already written and earn a backlink from it.

There a several strategies when creating an SEO campaign. Link building is one of those strategies, arguably one of the most important of those strategies.

If your business is just starting out, having a reputable page link back to your website can have a major effect on your traffic and ultimately, your sales.

Furthermore, increased traffic alone shows Google you are providing a website people are continuously going to for a specific topic. This too leads to an increase in rank on search engines.

When it comes to link building, if the SEO marketing experts you are working with exercise diligence, you can’t lose when building your business.

Are you ready to build?

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